Is It Safe To Visit The Dentist During COVID-19? See How We’re Protecting You

Not sure if you can visit your Montebello dentist safely  during the COVID-19 outbreak? At Whittier Palm Dental, Dr. Jelani Winslow is here to help. Below, you can see a few of the precautions we’re taking to ensure the safety of both patients and staff members during this difficult time, while still allowing you to get the dental care you need. 

Staff & Patient Screenings At Our Office

First, we are conducting comprehensive staff and patient screenings. Everyone who enters our office will have their temperature taken each morning, and will be required to fill out a screening questionnaire to determine the level of risk of COVID-19 exposure, which includes questions about recent travel, whether you’ve been sick, or if you’ve been exposed to anyone who tested positive for COVID-19. 

Enhanced Social Distancing Precautions

We are reducing the number of patients seen daily in order to reduce patient flow and enhance social distancing. We also are offering special appointments for patients who need multiple treatments, so that they can be done all at once and we can minimize the number of times that they are required to come into our office.

To minimize the number of people in our office, we ask that you come to your appointment alone unless you are supervising a minor or require assistance coming into our office.

Upon arriving at our office, just call us from your car to check in for your appointment. You can remain in your vehicle until you are called into our office. You must wear a face mask when entering our office, and you will be asked to sanitize your hands. 

Frequent Cleaning Of Common Surfaces & Areas 

We have removed some seating, removed magazines, and children’s toys, and replaced our plush chairs with wipeable plastic chairs to ensure proper social distancing between patients.

In addition, we are wiping down and cleaning common areas and surfaces like counters, tables, chairs, door knobs, and bathrooms throughout the day, minimizing the risk of spreading viruses and bacteria. 

Enhanced PPE For Patient & Staff Protection 

All team members are wearing masks, and our dental team members have been equipped with face shields and masks, gowns, and even shoe protection and hair coverings, when necessary. All disposable and reusable PPE is left in the operatory where it was worn for proper disposal or reprocessing. This reduces the risk of spreading contaminated particles between patient operatories.

Medical-Grade HEPA 13 Air Purifiers 

We have invested in medical-grade HEPA 13 air purifiers, which capture 99.9% of all particles down to 0.1 microns in size. These purifiers are in our lobby, back hallway, and each operatory, and help ensure the safety of our patients and team members. 

Contact Us Now For Dental Treatment In Montebello 

At Whittier Palm Dental, we’re fully prepared for the “new normal,” and are taking every step we can to keep you safe at our office. So don’t wait. Get the dental care you need in Montebello by giving us a call at (323) 721-7153 or contacting us online. 

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